Monday, 21 December 2009

More Travels

Last week I was busy with travels of a very different kind. The Wisbeys and I travelled around three of the language areas where we work, to meet with Tanzanian colleagues. There were many things to frustrate us on the trip – such as holding a meeting for pastors at which only five turned up (the last one arriving four hours late, just in time for lunch) or finding there are serious team relationship issues in one of the language offices that is hindering the work, or just being confronted with constant issues of money (or lack of)! It was also very cold most of the time and often raining. However, there were also things to make us smile – like tiny frogs, beautiful surroundings, fun together and the generosity of one of the coordinators in giving us a sack of potatoes (grown on their own little farm). We also became connoisseurs of chipsi mayai (chip omelette) and rice, beans, meat stew and green veg. Tasty as this food can be, we were rather sick of it by the end of the trip!


Pastors arrive at the meeting...Liz waits for things to get started

Matt busy at work with one of our colleagues...Liz and I in beautiful Kinga language area